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Our Purpose

Personal Physician Group LLP was founded in 1999 in Houston, Texas. We blend modern medicine with a concierge philosophy, practicing the one-on-one style of many years ago, complete with house calls. We assure compassionate, coordinated, and timely delivery of the highest level of care.

Our Customized Services

Home-Content_TalkingOur customized services include, but are not limited to the following areas of professional interest:


Neurologic, Orthopedic and Trauma Rehabilitation, as well as Cancer, Catastrophic, Dementia and Psychiatric Rehab. Home or facility-based rehabilitation programs can be developed for your specific needs. Learn More >

Medical Team Management

We act as “the Quarterback” of your existing medical team and ensure communication with all parties, or we can build and coordinate a medical team for you. Learn More >

Patient Advocacy

Boutique medical services are customized to your needs – from choosing doctors to attending appointments with you. Learn More >

Musculoskeletal Medicine & Pain Management

Patients are seen in clinic or rehab settings for physiologic dysfunction and pain management. Learn More >

Personal Physician Group LLP is the ideal practice for those who want a more personalized medical experience. Our medically-collaborative environment allows patients to have unlimited access to their medical team, with 24/7 flexibility. To determine if Personal Physician Group LLP is a match for you, please call us at 713-524-9800 or complete the Contact Us form on our website.